Our mission is to search for young talents in Slovakia and their preparation for appearance in the junior Canadian and American hockey leagues. We provide professional service for applicants but also for dozens of our clients who already actively and successfully operate overseas. The quality of our work is guaranteed by the main agent Tomáš Gbúr who worked several seasons overseas and is now named the main hockey scout for Slovakia by the management of the Canadian junior league.

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Tomáš was active in Canada for three seasons at the goalkeeper position. During his contract in junior league (he was rated one of the TOP 5 players) he gained valuable experience and can help and advice players in different situations that may occur. During his career he has established good connections with several clubs, coaches, players and agents and they are in constantly in contact, which allows his to provide up-to-date information on clubs demand for players/goalkeepers, as well as information on "their" players. His results and satisfaction are for his a measure of his work and motivation in signing contracts for other players who want to improve their careers in Canada and USA.

Tomáš Gbúr

Canada Hockey Minicamp

Exclusive photos of ,,Canada Hockey Camp,, held in the city of Námestovo in beautiful hotel campus Altis. Invitation to our camp also acepted the Canadian coach - Dane O'neill, who works closely with the NHL teams and is the head coach of a successful team Halton Ravens.
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""Hey, Hockey in Canada, I want to thank you for a great season. What I liked about you was that you fulfilled everything you said and if anything went wrong, you tried to find an alternative solution. Season in Canada really gave me a lot of experience, first of all I learned the English language, which is very important in today's world. I have experienced the Canadian winter and it's really an experience, I met many friends and teammates with whom I have kept in touch. Canada has really changed me, it was a huge experience for me and I already want to go back again, I came into contact with NHL coaches, which is great experience for the player from Slovakia. Speaking of the league quality, it is good, I would compare it to the Slovak Junior Extraliga or senior First league in Slovakia. As a player I have not more opportunities than when I played in Slovakia, which is important and it was a really good choice to go overseas."


"Hi, working with you was on a high level, especially everything that you said was also fulfilled, and that's what I liked most. I did not even expect this to be managed so quickly but you did it, for which I am very happy. Honestly, I did not even want to go home. I hope, however, that we will continue to work together throughout my stay. It all had only one mistake which was that it all passed by very quickly."


"We have been working with Tomáš Gbúr and his agency Hockey in Canada for two years, he became a scout of our league and quickly grew to one of our biggest partners in Europe. Tomáš has a great passion for hockey industry and is a talented scout and manager. So far, our cooperation is perfect and I see that Thomas really takes care of players and their professional careers with heart. Working with him is on high level and I hope that we will work cooperate for several more years."

Sean Werth
General Manager
Bradford Rattlers Jr. A Hockey Club

"For several years I have had the opportunity to watch Tomáš as player of our league and later as the main scout of our league. I can honestl say that Tomáš is one of the most positive and most beloved people I know. He loves hockey and he does his business perfectly and with passion. Therefore, I as president of the league GMHL, recommend Tomáš and his company Hockey in Canada."

Bob Russell
President of GMHL league
Byvalý hráč Edmonton Oilers

"Tomáš Gbúr is rightly named as the main scout of GMHL league for Slovakia. I gained a few quality players in my team thanks to his work, Tomáš works hard and loves his job and that makes him a special hockey agent. Working with Tomáš was a great experience for me, he organized a great camp in Slovakia, which I attended. I highly recommend Tomáš in the hockey business."

Dane O'Neill
Headcoach St. George Ravens